Blogging for a Better Tax Practice

How blogs can be a powerful dissemination information vehicle for existing clients as well as prospective ones.

August 2009
by Paul Bonner/Journal of Accountancy

Some CPA tax practitioners find they are able to garner new clients and better maintain ties with existing ones by blogging on tax topics. Beyond providing an electronic soapbox, they say, a blog can be a powerful way to disseminate information to existing clients while revealing to prospective ones the writer's professional expertise and views on matters of concern.

Joe Kristan, blogger-in-chief for Roth & Co. PC in Des Moines, Iowa, is a self-described Methuselah in blog years, having started his firm's blog six years ago. It evolved naturally from the firm's client newsletter that had been distributed in print and then by e-mail. The latter medium seemed more conducive to short takes on a variety of tax topics. Kristan realized he could make the items still more immediate by posting them on the firm's Web site as he wrote them rather than collecting them for a week or two.

Kristan says the blog has generated client referrals via readers, especially other financial professionals and attorneys who might pass along a tidbit of information. It also has become a resource to the local news media, who sometimes call Kristan for comments in their own tax articles — an additional way for the firm to be noticed.

"It's really part of the referral process," he said. "It doesn't replace personal contact."

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