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CGMA Program: Learning Pathway
CGMA Program: Learning Pathway
Over 50 hours of CPE Credit

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CGMA Exam Live Review Course
CGMA Exam Live Review Course
May 1 - 3, 2017

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CGMA Learning

CGMA Strategic Management Accounting
Earn over 50 CPE Credits

The CGMA Strategic Management Accounting program is comprised of 37 courses that total over 50 hours of eligible CPE credit.

This comprehensive learning program develops critical competencies in strategic management accounting to help you compete effectively in today's global business environment.

The program's three primary areas of focus are:

Financial Performance Management
Earn over 60 CPE Credits

These courses dive deeper into the technical skills needed by financial professionals in business and industry.

Upon completion, you will be better prepared to generate and analyze data, and equipped to move from information to insight.

This comprehensive curriculum is comprised of three primary course bundles:

Pathway to the CGMA Designation

To obtain the CGMA designation through the AICPA, CPAs must pass the CGMA exam, meet the experience requirements and be a member of AICPA.

The CGMA exam is an integrated, comprehensive strategic case study that assesses the competencies required in today’s business environment. Candidates are required to apply theoretical and practical knowledge to a real-world scenario in order to demonstrate their ability to guide business decisions.

CGMA Exam Prep

The CGMA designation elevates the profession of management accounting and showcases your value around the world.