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Donate to the AICPA Foundation to support the Foundation’s strategic initiatives.
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You may also donate by:

Mail: Checks can be mailed to:

  • AICPA Foundation
  • 220 Leigh Farm Road
  • Durham, NC 27717

Phone: Please call 888-777-7077.

To designate your gift to a specific program, please mail a check to the AICPA Foundation and note your designation in the memo line or an attached letter.

Donor contributions are vital to the AICPA Foundation achieving its mission and vision. By making a gift to the AICPA Foundation you make a difference in the lives of many, for generations to come.

Your support:

  • Provides accounting students with scholarships or fellowships
  • Promotes accounting as a major and career choice
  • Improves the quality of accounting education
  • Increases diversity within the CPA designation and accounting profession
  • Ensures the CPA profession's sustainability for future generations


Please use the quantity box to choose the amount of your donation. For instance, to donate $20, you would type “20” in the quantity box or use the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease your donation.

Please Note: You must have an account and log in to complete your donation. You do not need to be a member to create an account.

About the AICPA Foundation:
The AICPA Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity established in 1922 with the goal of advancing the CPA profession by focusing on accounting education and outreach, scholarships and fellowships, and diversity and inclusion.
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