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Not-for-Profit Certificate II

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Hands-On Application and Strategy Training for the Not-For-Profit Professional

The Not-For-Profit Certificate II offers intermediate training on how to apply NFP core concepts to the unique financial needs of a non-profit organization. This program is perfect for:

  • Private firms looking for higher level application and strategy training for staff members
  • Non-profit financial professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge
  • Those seeking a certificate as proof of proficiency for acquiring and retaining NFP clients
  • Individuals who want to expand their skill set and build their resume

Delivered through an award-winning on-demand e-learning interface, this self-paced course was developed to appeal to all learning styles and levels using audio, video, and interactive hands-on skills practice. The 30-hour CPE/23.5 CAE credit course teaches how to:

  • Successfully prepare financial statements
  • Complete Form 990
  • Build complex budgets
  • Guide the strategic planning process

This certificate program offers 30 CPE/23.5 CAE credits with 2 years to complete. Certificates are awarded upon program completion.

This Certificate program offers both CPE and CAE credits. Your Certificate and digital badge information will be sent to you upon completion of the program. A digital badge is a graphical representation of a significant achievement with a description of the specific knowledge and skills needed to earn it. With a few clicks, you can share your digital badge anywhere on the web — a personal blog, a social network like LinkedIn, biographical page on your company's website or online resume. You do not need to be a CPA to earn a certificate. There is no prerequisite to take the program.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Prepare a complete set of NFP financial statements, the core IRS Form 990 and supplemental materials, budget and strategic plan
  • Analyze financial statements to assess the financial health of an NFP
  • Evaluate facts and circumstances to determine whether a tax-exempt organization has reporting requirements or a tax liability for unrelated business income tax (UBIT)
  • Apply techniques to effectively steward an NFP's resources to achieve mission success, including performance measurement, risk assessment and response strategies, benchmarking, cash flow management, and forecastin.
  • Identify a process to assess, design, implement, and monitor internal controls.

Topics Discussed

Description SKU
Form 990 Preparation: Schedules 165411 Not-for-Profit Certificate II -
Tax Compliance
Form 990 Preparation: Core Form 165412
Unrelated Business Income Taxes (UBIT) 165413
Maintaining Tax Exemption 165414
Statement of Financial Position 165421 Not-for-Profit Certificate II -
Financial Reporting
Statement of Activities 165422
Statement of Cash Flows 165423
Statement of Functional Expenses 165424
Financial Statement Note Disclosures for NFPs 165425
Interpreting and Analyzing an NFP's Financial Statements 165426
Preparing Consolidated Financial Statements 165427
Aligning Mission and Strategy 165431 Not-for-Profit Certificate II -
Governance and Assurance
Budget Considerations for Not-for-Profits 165432
Ethical Issues in Not-for-Profits 165433
Performance Measurement for Not-for-Profits 165434
Applying the COSO ERM Framework 165435
Risk Assessment for NFP 165436


The quality of the content in the NFP Certificate Program is excellent. The program covers a wide spectrum of NFP topics pertinent to all levels of staff within a NFP. I would highly recommend this certificate program to anyone interested in NFPs or is employed by an NFP. -Todd Rankin
The material is thorough and in depth but since it is self-paced, allows the student to skip the parts that are known and to concentrate on the new learning points. The materials are an enjoyable mix of audio, text, and interactive pieces that hold your interest. The tests at the end of each module cement the learning. Nicely done! -James Pflasterer
Although I've been working with NFPs for over 20 years, there was still a great deal of valuable content that I either didn't know before or had forgotten. I would definitely recommend the certificate courses to anyone working with or for an NFP. -Karen Craig
I love that I can get my CPE for the year and learn more about my area of work in one neat little package. -Christy Schilling
I'm new to nonprofits after having spent my entire career on the for profit side. This course strikes a good balance between providing an introduction but also a decent depth of coverage. -Paul Hilger
The NFP Certificate Program has proven to be the most relevant CPE I've had in all my years of taking Continuing Professional Education. It was pertinent to my area of work and still provided me with knowledge that I did not have. -Bryant Richardson
The course is a comprehensive overview of the beginning to intermediate issues encountered in most non- profit environments. The method of delivery--short, logical modules--makes it easy to complete the program at your own pace. -Wendy Sorel

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PLUS: Crash Course on the New FASB Standard!

Regulatory changes are nothing new to anyone acquainted with nonprofit financial reporting, but changes resulting from FASB 2016-14 are on a more significant level than most. To help you prepare, the Not-for-Profit Section’s dedicated webcast on the topic is being made available as a free extra to purchasers of the Not-for-Profit Certificate Programs.

You’ll learn about the approved and pending changes, receive expert implementation tips, and strategies for a smooth transition. Additionally, to aid early adopters in implementing the standard, select courses within the certificate will contain sample financial statements that have been marked up to illustrate changes resulting from the new standard. (The rebroadcasted webcast is included as bonus material and is not eligible for CPE credit.)


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Do I have to be a CPA to get the certificate?
You do not have to be a CPA to obtain the certificate. The certificate is designed to benefit CPAs and non-CPA alike, including anyone who works for, or with, a nonprofit. Those who obtain the certificate will receive the recommended CPE / CAE credits.

Are there any prerequisites I need to take prior to starting the NFP Certificate program?
There are no required prerequisites, but a foundational knowledge of NFP accounting, such as can be obtained from taking the first in the Not-for-Profit Certificate series, is recommended. Those with prior experience with NFP financial reporting can take the second certificate without having completed the first.

How is the course material presented?
Designed to be highly interactive, this program offers multiple opportunities for learning, including case study analysis and several gaming scenarios. Participants will be offered the opportunity to apply their new NFP knowledge in a simulated real-world environment. Tests are presented after each course to allow you to apply what you just learned. There are no additional tests at the end of tracks or when you’ve completed the certificate.

How long will it take me to complete?
This varies from individual to individual and is completely dependent upon the time the participant allocates to completing the coursework. A commitment of approximately 28 hours will be required for most individuals to successfully complete the program.

What period of time do I have to complete the program?
You have twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase to complete all the courses. You are encouraged to complete the program within a twelve (12) month period or less.

Can I complete the program in any order?
There are no limitations on the order in which you can take the courses.

When will I receive a hard copy of my certificate?
You will receive your certificate in the mail 6-8 weeks after completing the program.

Once I complete the program and obtain my Certificate, how long is it valid?
The NFP Certificate is not a professional credential or license, it is evidence that the program was successfully completed as of a certain year, therefore it does not expire. However, we anticipate that some individual courses may be updated every 1-3 years to reflect changes in the industry. For your certificate to remain current, you will need to successfully complete those updated courses. However, updates are likely to be at a fraction of the cost of the original certificate. Plus, you have access to the program for 24 months from purchase, if the courses are updated during that period, you will have access to the updated courses at no additional cost. Completion of these updated courses will earn a new Certificate, with the current year’s date.

Is there any cost savings in purchasing the entire certificate over buying tracks individually?
Individual courses are priced higher than the bundles, so buying the governance track is less expensive than buying the individual courses separately, and buying the certificate is less expensive than buying each of the 3 tracks separately.

If I were to purchase one course or track, and then decided to purchase the entire certificate, will I still get the full bundled price savings?
Yes, as long as you haven’t already paid more than the full certificate price. The price you paid for the courses or tracks you have already taken will be deducted from the total certificate price.

If I am unable to complete the entire NFP Certificate Program, will I receive CPE credit for the courses I do complete?
You are not required to complete the entire program to earn CPE credit. The courses are offered individually, so you will earn CPE credit for each course you take and successfully complete the exam. However, you must successfully complete the exam for all courses in the entire program in order to receive the NFP Certificate.

Am I required to obtain a certain number of CPE credits annually for the Certificate to remain current and active?
There are no specific annual requirements for maintaining your Certificate. However, we anticipate that some individual courses may be updated every 1-3 years to reflect changes in the industry. For your certificate to remain current, you will need to successfully complete those updated courses. However, updates are likely to be at a fraction of the cost of the original certificate. Plus, you have access to the program for 24 months from purchase, if the courses are updated during the access period, you will have access to the updated courses at no additional cost.

I have prior experience working with NFPs. Will I be allowed to test out of certain courses while still earning the certificate?
Actual completion of the courses is required to earn the NFP Certificate. CPE credit is being awarded for the courses, and the CPE standards do not allow for “testing out of” a course as a way to earn credit.

GROUP TRAINING—If you have multiple staff members who would like to enroll, discounts are available for 3 or more people. For more information, complete the online form and select that you are interested in training for "My Organization", or call 800.634.6780, option 1 to speak with a training representative.

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