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Your voluntary, personal contribution to the AICPA's Political Action Committee (PAC) will help ensure the accounting profession has a strong voice in our nation's capital. By joining forces with your fellow AICPA members through the PAC, you can maximize the profession's political clout and help ensure that what is being legislated is productive to your business interests. Contributions go directly to helping pro-business candidates win elections to Congress.

Regulated by the Federal Election Commission, the AICPA PAC discloses where every penny of each personal dollar is contributed, and all of these contributions go directly to candidates running for the U.S. House or Senate. The AICPA PAC is a federal PAC and cannot contribute to state or local campaigns.

Federal law prohibits the solicitation of contributions to the AICPA PAC from outside the AICPA’s restricted class (i.e., AICPA members, staff, and their families). Such contributions will be returned to the donor.

Your voluntary contribution does make a difference!

Please Note: You must be signed in as an AICPA Member to make a contribution.

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