SSFS No. 1 - The New Forensic Standards
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Attend this webcast to review the new SSFS No. 1 set to roll out in 2020. Learn when to apply it and how to deal with questions regarding the requirement. We will also discuss some of the common questions and FAQs about SSFS No. 1 during the exposure period.

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Product details

Who Will Benefit?

  • Forensic accountants and business valuation practitioners
  • CPA practitioners who testify in court

Key Topics

SSFS No. 1 including:

  • Cross Examination
  • Deposition
  • Testifying

Learning Objectives

  • Apply SSFS No. 1
  • Recall SSFS No. 1 deposition & cross examination implications
  • Testify in a fraud case under SSFS No. 1

Explore the application of SSFS No. 1

This webcast will provide a deeper dive into the new SSFS No. 1 set to roll out in 2020. Speakers will provide practitioners with the tools to know when to apply SSFS No. 1, how to deal with cross examination and deposition questions regarding the requirements of SSFS No. 1, and how to testify in a fraud case under SSFS No. 1. We will also discuss some of the common questions and FAQs about SSFS No. 1 during the exposure period.

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Ratings and reviews
Speaker bio

Jeffrey Buchakjian

Jeffrey Buchakjian is a Partner in the Financial Advisory Services Group, where he specializes in providing forensic accounting services in matters involving commercial disputes and investigations. Jeffrey also leads the disputes and investigations section of the Firm's Government Services Group.


In dispute matters, Jeffrey provides consulting and expert witness services to attorneys engaged in complex commercial disputes and white-collar cases. He has provided expert testimony in federal and state court on issues pertaining to economic damages, asset tracking and recovery, and allegations of asset misappropriation. Jeffrey's analyses and findings are often used for mediation and settlement purposes.

Jeffrey has led numerous forensic investigations on behalf of business owners, board members, special committees, and governmental agencies into alleged financial fraud, waste and abuse, asset misappropriation and embezzlement schemes, fiscal mismanagement, and procurement fraud. He has led investigations of public and private corporations, not-for-profit organizations, religious institutions, and state/local educational institutions. Jeffrey has also served as a consultant for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Jeffrey is frequently asked to conduct seminars, and continuing professional and legal education programs in many areas of forensic accounting. He is an active member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, where he currently serves as Chair of the Financial Forensics Credential Committee, and is a past recipient of the Standing Ovation award for his contributions in the area of forensic accounting, and a past member of the Forensic and Litigation Services Damages Task Force. Jeffrey has also received a Certificate of Excellence as a Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Member to Watch.

Managing Director

Michael Fahlman is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor, and certified in Financial Forensics by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He advises clients, including legal counsel, boards of directors, and executive management, with complex commercial litigation, economic damages, valuation, dispute resolution, investigations, and distressed businesses. He has served as a testifying expert and consulting expert in litigation, arbitration, and mediation, and as an independent third party in alternative dispute resolutions.

Mr. Fahlman has appeared before the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on alleged fraudulent financial reporting matters, including improper revenue recognition and other GAAP matters. He has also presented on fraud-related cases before the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation. His experience includes other professional services engagements with companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 to privately held small businesses. Additionally, Mr. Fahlman served as the turnaround chief financial officer and vice president of a 72-unit multi-state retail company.

Mr. Fahlman is one of ten members nationally who serves on the AICPA's Forensic and Litigation Services Committee (FLS). The FLS is focused on identifying, collecting, developing, and disseminating technical, industry, legislative, and regulatory issues related to forensic accounting, along with practice management tools through such vehicles as newsletters, AICPA Online, publications, continuing education, and conferences. Mr. Fahlman is the chair of the AICPA's Damages Task Force, a subset of the FLS. The task force provides members with technical guidance on economic damages matters.

Mr. Fahlman is also co-chair of the Economic Damages subcommittee of the American Bar Association. This group provides content to members of the ABA regarding economic damages issues.

Mr. Fahlman is a regular contributor and reviewer of content for both the AICPA and ABA, and he teaches at universities, bar associations, and law firms on the topics of forensic accounting and damages. He is also a member of the Arizona Society of CPAs' Fraud and Litigation Committee.

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