Even the most organized people forget things. Even the most productive people can’t do everything.

That’s why the smartest people — organized or disheveled, productive or lazy — use GoToMyPC Pro remote access.

GoToMyPC Pro turns every computer into your computer. You just install GoToMyPC on your office PC and you’ll be able to connect to it from any Web browser in the world. Just login through the GoToMyPC.com Web site and you can work on office files and programs, read and send e-mail and even access your network. It’s just like being in front of your office computer.

Picture this: You’re meeting a client at their office. You get there and realize you forgot something — a form, a disc, a memory stick — vital to the meeting. With GoToMyPC Pro, you don’t have to cancel the meeting with a quickly contrived excuse. You can just use your client’s computer to work on the file on your PC or simply drag and drop the file from your PC to your client’s computer. Crisis averted — you might even stop carrying paper and digital files to meetings.

Heck, you might go as far as to stop traveling to meetings altogether. With GoToMyPC Pro’s Guest Invite feature you can simply allow clients to view your PC from their office while you speak to each other on the phone. Clients can also transfer files from their computer to your PC during Guest Invite sessions, so you always have access to everything you need.

GoToMyPC Pro gives you and your team the power to be productive wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. At home, on a business trip, visiting the in-laws — no matter where you are, you can be just as productive as you are in the office.

GoToMyPC Pro is fast. It’s simple. And it gives you and your employees access to as many as 50 PCs, making it easy to assign and manage users with GoToMyPC accounts.

GoToMyPC Pro features include:

  • Access to Your E-Mail, Files, Programs, Network — If you can do something on your office computer, you can do it from any computer.
  • Encryption and Password Protection — All data is protected with government-standard 128-bit AES encryption.
  • Drag-and-Drop File Transfer — Transfer files and folders from one PC to another by simply dragging and dropping between screens.
  • File Sync — Synchronize files and folders between computers with just a click.
  • Remote Printing — Print documents to any printer wherever you happen to be.

Save time. Work smarter. Pretty soon your happy and impressed customers will be recommending you to their friends and associates.

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