Chris Jarski

Forget Everything You Know About CPA Marketing

Traditional CPA marketing methods just donít work in todayís environment of marketing overload.

July 21, 2008
Sponsored by 60 Second CPE

by Chris Jarski, CPA/MBA

Rick Telberg, Editor at Large for the AICPA CPA Insider™, in his June 23, 2008 article "How Smart CPAs Market in Tough Times" reinforced the need for CPAs to re-evaluate their marketing approach. A staggering 51 percent of CPAs responding to a recent AICPA survey said "that they were less than satisfied, or not at all satisfied, with their firm's performance in marketing and business development."

Telberg’s article goes on to quote a few local firm CPAs who are struggling with their marketing efforts — a common difficulty — and mentions "when it comes to marketing, there's more you can do wrong than right."

So, it’s no surprise to you, I’m sure, that traditional marketing will not grow your practice, at least not without a bunch of back-breaking work in an already busy day, especially considering all of the marketing noise your prospects are inundated with every day. But that doesn’t mean you have to create an annoying “Head On” commercial either.

Remember, those famous headache TV commercials that repeated “Head On — Apply Directly to the Forehead” so many times that the repetition, indeed, created a headache? So stay away from the Head On style of marketing. There are many new techniques that can be employed to create results for profitable CPA services growth in today’s environment of marketing overload.

60 Second CPE, a provider of continuing professional education to the CPA profession, recently commissioned a ground-breaking CPA Marketing Workshop to teach CPAs how a simple redesign of your marketing efforts will yield significant growth in your practice — the goal of the workshop is to teach you how to bring in new clients with limited involvement of your time or money.

Space is limited, but 60 Second CPE is offering a no-cost attendance to AICPA members to its Online CPA Marketing Workshop Overview (click here to register). The Webinar will highlight some of the proven marketing techniques 60 Second CPE has accumulated through its research findings.

In this No-Cost marketing workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to throw out your current Web site today and create an optimized landing page with information that really matters to prospective clients (we’ll show you the designs that work);

  • How CPAs can easily write advertising copy that solves a prospects need over other CPA providers;
  • How to quickly set up pay-per-click Google and Yahoo ad campaigns for profitable key search terms that’ll create qualified local leads at minimal cost; and
  • Four critical components to search engine ad creation that get prospects to click through to your landing page.

All of what you’ll learn in this Webinar can be implemented using our exclusive CPA Marketing Blueprint … a simple, step-by-step plan that you can work on in just a few minutes a day. You’ll get your Free copy of this invaluable resource by attending the Webinar.

60 Second CPE is the first online CPA continuing professional education provider that delivers content that focuses on CPA firm growth and operations development using its innovative online rapid learn, implement and achieve method.

And here’s the best part, the learning is delivered in information packed bite-sized tutorials that last about 60 seconds each; making it easy to fit learning and practice development into your busy day. The tutorials are interactive with instructor audio and presentation notes and are delivered right to your e-mail each morning so you can learn with us while you settle in with your morning coffee or just want to take a quick break between client files.

Just click the e-mail link and our online viewer launches in your Internet browser so you can enjoy the instructor’s presentation of the day’s tutorial. It’s that easy to earn your CPE credits and to improve your practice’s results with 60 Second CPE.

Join us for our free Online CPA Marketing Workshop Overview to get a jump start on our exclusive strategies that when put into place using our CPA Marketing Blueprint, will take your practice to a completely different level.

So take just 60 seconds, really that’s it, and click here to register for the no-cost online CPA marketing workshop. There are just three dates available with limited enrollment, so register early.

About the Instructor: Chris Jarski, CPA, MBA, has over 13 years’ experience starting, improving and selling small businesses. His professional experience also includes helping clients as a CPA with a local firm and with Grant Thornton LLP. He also held the position of Chief Financial Officer for one of the nation’s largest building products manufacturers. Mr. Jarski is currently the CEO and Director of Research of 60 Second CPE.

About 60 Second CPE: 60 Second CPE’s mission is to offer Certified Public Accountants online CPE learning that fits into a busy schedule with practical training in accounting, tax and consulting services while also providing considerable coverage in CPA practice growth and operations development.
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