Putting an End to the ‘Back and Forth’

New Intuit Online Document Exchange helps accountants spend less time collecting and sending client documents.

February 23, 2009
Sponsored by Intuit

Exchanging documents has always been a productivity drain for tax professionals. Whether it’s piecing together client documents for a return or printing and sending tax organizers — handling all of the “back and forth” paperwork takes time. Time you could better spend working with clients versus printing, mailing and managing paper.

This is where new Intuit Online Document Exchange can help. It’s a time-saving solution with a secure and convenient way for clients to get documents to you … and from you. Think of it as a central information hub for you and your clients.

How Online Document Exchange Works

With Intuit Online Document Exchange you can exchange files and documents with clients in one central place. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up with Online Document Exchange and you’re given a landing page that looks like a simple Web site. You can customize the page with your name and contact information.

  2. You invite clients to exchange documents with you in their own secure area. Your clients upload bank statements, W-2s, 1099s and any other document in PDF or image format. They can even upload QuickBooks files to your Inbox. Now you have one place for the documents from each client.
  3. You can easily post tax returns, tax organizers and more for your clients to download. Basically anything you would have mailed or faxed. Your client downloads it from their secure area without having to wait.

That’s it. You work more efficiently and more securely, since all the exchanges are protected by 128bit SSL encryption — the same technology used by leading banks for their online banking systems.

How Tax Professionals Could Save Time and Money

Think of all the time you spend going through client e-mails to get the information you need for a return. Now imagine the information posted in one central spot for each client. It could save you a tremendous amount of time and let you focus on tax preparation instead of paper shuffling. Now add up all the money you spend on postage and paper sending tax returns, tax organizers and checklists — plus the time to compile and send it. Posting it to your personal document exchange could save you quite a bit.

Why Your Clients Will Be More Satisfied

Online Document Exchange is an easier, faster and more convenient way for your clients to send information to you — whether they scan their documents or receive them electronically already. They save time getting you the information you need. Even better, clients can download information from your Document Exchange. If a client needs the past three years’ tax returns for a mortgage application, you can make it available in minutes and the client doesn’t have to wait for a package in the mail (or call you to request it).

A Win-Win Solution That Makes You More Efficient

Learn more about Intuit Online Document Exchange. This new service is just coming to market and is currently accepting beta customers. Try it this tax season at no charge. Visit our Web site and take a tour to see how it can help you boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction.