Turning Microsoft® Outlook® Into a Professional Practice Management Tool

Helping professionals manage their practices more effectively.

February 11, 2010
Sponsored by Credenza Software Inc.

You use Microsoft® Outlook® every day in your office to manage your e-mails, contacts, appointments and tasks. In fact you would probably be lost without it.

While Outlook has become an indispensible tool for many people, there are some important elements that are missing for professionals. Most professionals organize their work in files, with a separate file for each client or project. It would be great if much of your information in Outlook could be organized this way too, but Outlook isn’t built to handle this.

Enter Credenza, an add-in for Outlook that turns it into a professional practice management solution. Credenza expands Outlook by adding the dimensions that professionals need to manage their practices more effectively.

  • Open a file in Outlook for each client, matter, project or case you work on.
  • Organize in that file all related Outlook e-mails, contacts, appointments, tasks and notes.
  • See all your documents on the file.
  • Keep time entries for your billable time.
  • Make notes of phone calls.
  • Keep track of whatever other information you want on each file using custom fields.
  • See a complete chronology.
  • Everywhere in Outlook you can see the file that items relate to.
  • Practice management utilities and reports.
  • Automated inbox controls.
  • Share information with your colleague or assistant.

Files/Projects/Cases/Matters etc.

Credenza adds a Files module to Outlook that fits in right next to your other Outlook views. You can relate any Outlook item to a file. So in your Outlook calendar, you can see which file each of your appointments is on. The same goes for Outlook e-mails, tasks and notes. Your contacts can be related to multiple files. Besides seeing these in all their normal places in Outlook, you can also open up a file itself, and there review all the Outlook items that relate to that file. And it becomes even more powerful because Credenza adds the ability to organize your related documents, phone call notes and time entries in the same files, plus custom fields of information.

Time Sheets

If you need to be able to keep track of the time you spend on client work, Credenza also makes it easy. You can fill in time entries quickly. In fact, with a single click from any Outlook item. For example, you could be looking through your inbox, see which emails you did time for and which not, and with a click do time entries for any that are missing. You can view a list of your time entries, edit or add new ones. The handy Time Entry Assistant will also help you stay on top of all your time entries. It will look at everything you have done in Outlook and flag things you might have forgotten to do time entries for. Whether it was that task you just completed, the message you sent on your way out to lunch, or that conference call you had first thing this morning. Nothing slips through the cracks and you can track all of your time. Time entries can be posted electronically to almost any accounting system.

Phone Calls

Credenza also makes it easy to record the details of your phone calls. The Phone Calls module adds to Outlook the ability to track phone calls, voice mails and messages, and know which have to be called back, which have time entries and which do not. You can track these from your individual files, or from the phone call list. You can also create a time entry for a phone call with just the click of a button.


You can share all of your Credenza information with up to three people — so you, your assistant and colleague can see each others’ calendars, assign each other tasks, see e-mails you each received or sent on the files you are both working on, review completion status, see everything everyone is doing on each file and more — transforming Outlook from a single user tool into a collaborative workgroup system. With or without Microsoft Exchange®

Easy to Try

Download a free trial of Credenza today. It’s a simple, fast download. No commitment. Just download, do the quick install and start exploring. Of course it uninstalls cleanly and completely if you don’t want it. Credenza is simple. It works just like Outlook, as part of Outlook. You and your staff will be able to take advantage of it instantly.

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