Deborah Walker

Help Recruiters Find You

Three tips show you how.

April 21, 2011
by Deborah Walker, CCMC

When was the last time a recruiter called to tell you about a great job lead? If it's been a while since you've heard from a recruiter, it's time to enhance your visibility. Here are a few best-selling tips to increase the odds of opportunity knocking at your door.

Three Tips to Help Recruiters Find You

The first step toward a new and better job is when a recruiter calls you. Your goal as a job seeker should be to capture the eye of a recruiter who will invite you to interview for a job. But with competition for jobs at an all-time high the chances of capturing a recruiter's attention have become slim and far between. Here are three tips to increase your visibility, which will lead to phone calls from influential recruiters and hiring managers.

  1. Write a recruiter-friendly résumé.

    A recruiter-friendly résumé is full of job-specific key words that allow your résumé to be seen by recruiters finding résumés in databases such as Career Builder and Monster.com. Key words are the search terms used to call up résumés. Use sample job postings to identify terms you must have in your résumé. Make sure the verbiage of your responsibilities and accomplishments match up with the responsibilities and qualifications sections of job postings. This means you may have to tweak your résumé a bit each time you apply for a job.

  2. Get found on LinkedIn.com.

    More and more recruiters are using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool to find potential candidates. LinkedIn makes it easier for recruiters to find people with specific skills and industry experience. To help recruiters find you, take the effort to complete the profile packing it tight with key terms and phrases. It's time well spent.

    Recruiters also rely on LinkedIn users' extended network to find you. The more contacts you have the better your chances of receiving recruiter phone calls. Don't wait till you need to start looking for a new job to build your network. Growing your LinkedIn network should be an ongoing career-management strategy that will pay off time and again in career opportunities presented to you by recruiters.

    A third way to be found on LinkedIn is through the answers section in which you can stand out from the crowd by offering tips and suggestions to member questions. If you aren't using LinkedIn as a networking tool, get started today. It's never too late to start building your online network.

  3. Become an expert in you field.

    Recruiters also find potential candidates through professional associations. Whatever your profession there is an association that supports your field. Become a joiner and attend association functions. Better yet, supply your professional association with expert articles that can be used as content for monthly or quarterly newsletters or magazines. For best exposure submit articles to your national publication. Industry-specific recruiters read those same publications and will be interested in what you have to say.


You don't have to be unemployed to be a job seeker. In fact the best time to look for a new position is when you are at the top of your game in a company for which you enjoy working. The reason is you'll only make a move upward and for better pay. Whether employed or unemployed if you want recruiters to call you take these steps to increase your visibility. You will soon see opportunities knocking at your door.

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Deborah Walker, CCMC is a career coach helping job seekers nationwide. Her clients gain skills in résumé writing, interviewing and salary negotiation. See her sample résumés and read more job search tips at http://www.AlphaAdvantage.com.