Rick Telberg

Editor at Large/Director of Online Content

Rick Telberg brings an informed perspective and a passionate voice to the finance and accounting profession every week in At Large, the most widely-read commentary in the field.

He also serves as Director of Online Content for the AICPA Insider newsletters, and as Editorial Director of AICPA Custom Media Solutions, which produces special reports, supplements and publications, and which provides custom research and marketing services. He contributes to the development of the Journal of Accountancy, and other AICPA publications, conferences, special events and webcasts. And he helped launch CPA2Biz Inc. as its founding Director of Content.

In addition to his work with the AICPA, Mr. Telberg is chief executive of Bay Street Group LLC, an independent provider of market intelligence, strategic consulting and business development solutions. The company provides actionable information, strategic insight, and results-driven solutions by leveraging an integrated, interactive, educative business development system. Bay Street Group clients range from local CPA and law firms seeking new growth strategies to Fortune 500 companies marketing to and through the finance and accounting community.

Previously, Mr. Telberg served as the pioneering Editor-in-Chief of Accounting Today, the business newspaper for the nation's tax and accounting community, and as Vice President/Group Publisher in charge of accounting media group, which includes the Practical Accountant, Accounting Technology, and what is now WebCPA. Later, he worked as Senior Editorial Director with the development team at Pro2Net Corp., a Seattle-based web portal for business professionals now owned by SmartPros Inc. (AMEX: PED) of Hawthorne, N.Y., a provider of professional education courseware.

Mr. Telberg remains a sought-after keynote speaker at professional programs and is widely quoted in the media as an expert on the finance and accounting business.

He has appeared for the AICPA; the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy; the Association for Accounting Marketing; the National Association of State Auditors, Controllers and Treasurers; and various other state, national and international professional associations. He has been quoted in numerous national publications, including Time, Fortune, Forbes, Worth, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and USA Today. He has appeared on television and radio, including CNN, the PBS Nightly Business Report, and the Wall Street Journal Report.

Telberg was presented with a special citation by the National Society of Accountants for service to the profession and has served on a variety of boards and steering committees, including BKR International and the IBM Small Business Advisory Council.

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