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July 28, 2011
Corporate Taxation Insider
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CCH CorpSystem Sales Tax Office.
Improve the accuracy of your sales tax calculations and minimize audit risk.
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  Blake Christian  
Supercharging Your Business Vehicle Expenses
by Blake Christian, CPA, MBT
Tax provisions that should be considered when developing vehicle acquisition and reimbursement policies, as well as other business expense tax strategies.
Help Your Clients Manage Their T&E Expenses Better
Sponsored by Concur Advisor Program
Provide your clients with a solution to help reduce the risk of fraud and error while trimming up to 80 percent of the time it takes to process expense reports manually.
U.S. Master Tax Guide (2011) (Publication)
Payroll Taxes, Benefits and 1099 Reporting: Everything You Need to Know  (CPE)
AICPA National Tax Conference
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It's time to rethink everything.
Vertex Enterprise.
Unleash the strategic potential of corporate tax.
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State & Local Taxes
  Mary Bernard  
Remedies for State Income Tax Noncompliance
by Mary Bernard, CPA
What do you do if you discover you should have been filing income-tax returns in a state but have not filed for many years?
Simplify Your Global or Domestic Tax Provisioning
Sponsored by CCH
Streamline tax accounting, reporting and compliance with Global Integrator.
The Next Best Practices (PDF)
Sponsored by Vertex Inc.
Tearing down old practices to transform tax operations.
Introduction to Multistate Income and Sales & Use Taxes (CPE)
Accounting for Income Taxes: Applying Temporary and Uncertain
Tax Positions
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New In The Store
  AICPA's Annual Federal Tax Update (2010 Edition)
This comprehensive CPE course covers all legislative, judicial and IRS developments of the past year with a focus on implementation and compliance.
AICPA's 2010 Corporate Income Tax Returns Workshop by Sid Kess
Look at the most recent tax laws and other practical developments affecting corporations and pass-through entities.
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Public Service -- good for your community & your business ow.ly/5p0Rj
Are all business meals & entertainment costs subject to 50% limitation? ow.ly/5p0Od
State Examination of Corp Taxation goo.gl/18HU9

It's time to rethink everything.
Vertex Enterprise.
Unleash the strategic potential of corporate tax.
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Webcast: Join Vertex and PwC on 8/2 for an Informative Discussion of the Unprecedented Challenges of Tax Data Management
Overcome Your Tax Provisioning and Compliance Challenges With Help From Global Integrator
Help Your Clients Manage Their T&E Expenses Better
Enroll in the Concur Advisor Program.
White Paper: Vertex's Future of Tax Operations - The Next Best
Tearing down old practices to transform tax operations.

T&E expenses are often a company's second largest controllable cost.
Help your clients manage theirs better.
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Concur Advisor Program.
CPA News to Know
1 Two-Year Limit No Longer Applies to Many Innocent Spouse Requests
1 IRS Statement on Airline Ticket and Other Aviation-Related Taxes That Expired Midnight July 22
1 AICPA Supports IRS's Current Tax Preparer Program
Career Opportunity Spotlight
ERP/Tax Experts
Vertex Inc. Nationwide assignments. Multiple opportunities at all levels with Vertex Consulting to meet explosive growth in demand.

What Is Happening at the IRS?
Vern Hoven, CPA, divulges that the IRS wants access to CPA client's computer files and more.
What Is Happening at the IRS?
Vern Hoven, CPA, divulges that the IRS wants access to CPA client's computer files and more. View more corporate tax videocourses.
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