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September 17, 2009 — In This Newsletter:

How to Serve Your Clients
by Jennifer Sicking, CPA, PFS
A little TLC might just be the answer.


Risky Business
by Lewis Schiff
When the kids take over the family firm.

Clearness in the Midst of Turmoil
by Tracy Stewart, CPA, PFS
Providing excellent services for clients in divorce takes more than technical competence and a tolerance for emotional moments.

Long-Term Care Insurance
by Donald Grimes
How you can help bring less chaos, confusion and little bit of normalcy and hope to your clients.

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Serve Your Clients Better by Providing Life Advice to Their Kids
by Neal Frankle, CFP
Your clients care about their children more than they care about anything else. Be of service to the kids, and you serve your clients at the highest level.

Roth IRA Recharacterizations: The Chance for a 'Do-Over'
Sponsored by Equity Trust Company
Understanding re-characterization strategies before clients convert to a Roth IRA.

Money Baggage — Yours, Mine and Ours
by Karen Lee, CFP/ChFC
If you want to be successful in helping clients create and stick to financial plans, be prepared to go beyond the numbers.

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Inherited IRAs — What the Practitioner Needs to Know
Know the common errors involving retirement distributions where a few missteps can wipe out a substantial portion of inherited IRA assets.

Estate Planning Essentials: Tax Relief for Your Clients' Estates
Explore the use of wills, trusts and life insurance as vehicles to reduce the estate tax. Advise clients on the most tax efficient way to structure their affairs to minimize the taxation on the transfer of their wealth to intended beneficiaries. Earn 12 CPE credits.

Kess on 2009 Tax Legislation: Economic Stimulus Act
AICPA and CCH have joined forces with top tax expert Sid Kess for a straightforward yet comprehensive look at the new legislation in this new self-study course. Earn up to eight CPE credits.

Critical Tax Issues for Increasing Wealth
Turn your older, wealthier and self-employed tax clients into profitable financial planning clients — and earn CPE credits.

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9/23 - IFRS Quarterly Webcast
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9/24 - Supply Chain Management: Relationships, Risks and Rewards
9/30 - From Legal Structures to Strategic Plans: Develop Your Forensic Practice
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