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 August 17, 2009 — In This Newsletter:

Recession Revs Up CPA Career Plans
by Rick Telberg/At Large
Downturn adds to workloads and stress for some. How hard are YOU working? Join the survey, compare the answers.

“The Guide to Investigating Business Fraud.”
New publication developed by the seasoned fraud investigation team at Ernst & Young.
Provides a clearly defined framework for approaching a fraud investigation from start to finish. 
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Cell Phones and Our Outdated Tax Law
by Annette Nellen, CPA/Esq.
Despite cell phones becoming inexpensive gadgets that even kids own, they remain suspect assets under the tax law. It's past time to modernize this 20th century rule.

Four Options for Measuring Value Creation
by Kenneth Merchant and Tatiana Sandino/Journal of Accountancy
Strategies for managers to avoid potential flaws in accounting measures of performance.

Tax Preparer Penalties: Who Is a Preparer?
by Raymond Placid and Wayne Cecil/The Tax Adviser
Changes to the tax preparer penalty statute have increased the penalties applicable to return preparers and raised the standard of conduct, but the penalties now apply to non-signing preparers.

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Weekly Spotlight

REIT From Crisis: Emerges Intact
by Jonathan Moreland
Insider buying gives comfort that the high indicated yield is sustainable.

“Internal Control Essentials for Financial Managers, Accountants and Auditors.”
Identify the risks of errors and fraud in the accounting system and the presence (or absence) of compensating controls!
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Fraud Increasing During the Recession
Sponsored by CAMICO
Intense financial pressures during the current economic crisis has led to an increase of fraud, as pervasive layoffs are leaving holes in organizations’ internal control systems.

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New and Noteworthy

AICPA Webcast: The Role of the Neutral Arbitrator in Post M&A Disputes
Experts will divulge differences between earn-out and purchase price disputes and reveal procedures employed by accounting neutrals to resolve key engagement acceptance issues. August 20

AICPA/IASC Foundation Conference on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in North America 2009: The U.S. Perspective
Sir David Tweedie and Robert Herz keynote. October 29-30

AICPA Receives Nod for Efforts Toward Green Operations
View details (PDF).

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The Guide to Investigating Business Fraud
Developed by the seasoned fraud investigation team at Ernst & Young, this new publication provides a clearly defined framework for approaching a fraud investigation from start to finish. Save 10 percent with our special prepublication discount — use promo code SIX when ordering.

Accounting Guidance Library Featuring FASB Accounting Standards Codification™ and Select Audit and Accounting Guides — Special Member-Only Value Package
Ease the transition with this new online Library that includes FASB ASC with full functionality — including search and cross-referencing — and seven A&A Guides at special value pricing for AICPA members only.

Ride the Bear: Strategies for CPA Firms to Thrive, Survive and Grow in a Down Economy
Author Michael Ramos looks at the current situation in the context of other recessions and posits that more opportunity exists — for CPA firms and their clients — than may meet the eye.

Choice of Entity — Key Issues: S Corp, C Corp, Partnership, LLC and Sole Proprietorship
Ample case studies from real life client situations help you hone in on the key issues surrounding the factors that drive the optimal form of organization of a business. Earn 10 CPE credits.

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Estate & Related Planning During Economic Turmoil

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Internal Control Essentials for Financial Managers, Accountants and Auditors

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8/20 - The Role of the Neutral Arbitrator in Post M&A Disputes
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9/16 - AS 5 Implementation for Audits of Non-Accelerated Filers: Evaluating Deficiencies

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