Switching Gears Lifestyle Process
Brought to you by the AICPA, Switching Gears Lifestyle Process is a retirement coaching program created to help you implement a post-career plan of action which will create new paths for your life.

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Product details

Start a hobby. Travel to new places. Volunteer for a cause you're passionate about. What kind of life do you want to lead after retirement? What opportunities do you want to undertake? What are your post-career goals? Your retirement life chapter is a tremendous opportunity to try new things, go new places, and live the life you've worked so hard for!

Yet, many professionals focus all their attention on having a successful career. They do not give much thought about what they will do after retirement. Entering retirement with no plan usually results in boredom, poor health, and strained marriages. Like a well-developed career, a fulfilling and affordable retirement requires a vision and goals. With a plan in place, professionals can approach retirement with excitement and passion.

Brought to you by the AICPA, Switching Gears Lifestyle Process is a retirement coaching program created to help you implement a plan of action which will create new paths to retirement. This program offers thoughtful and practical tools and methodologies which will support your transition into retirement as you move into new paths for successful living. So, if you're five years or less from retirement, it's time to start thinking about how you'll spend the next chapter of your life.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Workbook with eight (8) easy-to-digest sections that will allow you to highlight key elements of your life, meaningful accomplishments and passion areas, then craft a plan around maintaining the quality of life you want in retirement, beyond just your finances
  • Eight (8) individual sessions with Jacqueline Gould to cover each section of the workbook
  • Illustrative examples to create your own personalized vision of post-employment life
  • Actionable tools to create new connections outside your normal circle of influence

The Private Company Practice Section (PCPS), hearing concerns from member firms from across the country about CPAs having difficulty transitioning into retirement, partnered with Jacqueline Gould of Craig Dill & Associates to create this personalized consultation for CPAs who are planning to retire within the next five years.

Who Will Benefit?

  • CPAs in public practice looking to retire in the next five years
Ratings and reviews

Jacqueline Gould

Jacqueline is an associate of Craig Dill & Associates helping individuals and organizations create new paths to success. She brings over thirty years of management experience to her work as an organization development consultant, learning and development facilitator, succession plan developer, and coach. She founded VisAct Process Management, a consulting firm, in 1999 and specializes in Switching Gears (a retirement lifestyle planning program), Competitive Agility (a business growth program), succession planning programs, learning strategy, employee engagement / retention and transition coaching.

Jacqueline helps organizations build a workplace of leaders able to address their own challenges successfully while assisting them with their business and transition objectives. Her strengths lie in being able to see the big picture, surfacing and appreciating the needs and focus of end users, and working with them to create leading edge solutions that reflect today and address the future.

She has extensive experience coaching within organizations and with individuals. She started coaching troubled youth, moved to a coaching style as a manager, coached top talent being groomed to move into senior positions and worked as a career coach. Now she focuses her coaching on executives and individuals interested in planning their retirement lifestyle. She has designed a number of workshops and written guidebooks to help her clients develop and implement their plans.

Experience in healthcare, retail, hospitality, technologies, not for profit, banking, insurance, utilities, construction, government, security and solar allows her to adapt to any industry quickly.

Jacqueline has a BA and MA in Sociology, and a M. Ed in Adult Education. She has been a Quality New Mexico examiner and editor.


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