Please visit Store Business Policies for information on the AICPA’s subscription cancellation and refund policy as well as additional business practices.

Accessing an Individual Subscription

At the top of the AICPA Store website, hover over the “My Account” tab and click on "My Purchases." You’ll arrive at a page titled "My Account," which contains a list of links to products in which you've subscribed. Click on "My Online Publications," then select the title you want to access, and you will be taken to the Online Professional Library (OPL) home page.

Multi-User Subscriptions

In addition to individual subscriptions, the AICPA offers multi-user subscriptions, which follow a concurrent usage model. Under this model, a subscription can be purchased for any number of users who may need access to the product(s) at the same time. The number of seats purchased for a multi-user subscription does not need to reflect the total number of employees; rather, how many employees will need to access OPL during the same time frame. For example, your firm may have 10 employees, of which only 3 may need access to the OPL subscription at the same time; therefore, you only need to purchase 3 seats under the multi-user/concurrent model.

Please note: An individual subscription will not offer the benefits of multi-user access. It is intended to be accessed and used by one individual (the purchaser). To obtain the benefits of a multi-user subscription, a minimum purchase of two users is required. Under the AICPA’s license end-user agreement, individual log-ins cannot be shared.

The designated Access Control Administrator (ACA) can access the subscription immediately after purchase by following the steps outlined in the preceding paragraph, "Accessing an Individual Subscription."

The ACA also will receive access to an administration page where he/she is provided a company URL to distribute to the subsequent users of the multi-user subscription. The users will initially be required to click through this URL to set-up their accounts. After the initial click-through, all multi-user subscription users can gain access to the product by following the same steps previously mentioned.

If at any point more than the allocated number of users attempt to access OPL at the same time, the user will receive an error message that the maximum number of users has been reached and to try again at a different time.

The ACA can view and monitor the company's subscription activity from the administration page such as track the available seats and manage the employees who currently have access.