A Complete Solution for Your Audit Training Needs

The challenge of providing high-quality, comprehensive training for your audit staff comes to an end with the regularly enhanced Audit Staff Essentials. This state-of-the-art CPE curriculum is offered in both virtual instructor-led and online self-study formats that make it convenient for you and your staff in a time when your learning needs may have had to change.

The program provides comprehensive coverage of the duties staff typically perform at each step in their careers. It includes the core concepts that are key and provides hands-on application for each topic. Also covered are the non-technical communication and critical thinking skills that are vital to today’s CPA. The information is delivered through a variety of methods—including audio, visual, hands-on exercises, knowledge checks and tests—in order to boost comprehension and retention of the learning. This curriculum provides training for four experience levels, including:

Level 1 - New Staff: Core Concepts

Level 1 of Audit Staff Essentials is designed to build foundational knowledge of audit concepts and techniques for new staff. Ideally this level is taken with Level 2, which focuses on practical application of key concepts.

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Level 2 - New Staff: Practical Application

Audit Staff Essentials Level 2 focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to perform duties commonly assigned to first-year audit staff. Staff will gain key learnings about the audit process, including practical, hands-on training on internal controls, substantive testing, fraud considerations, analytical procedures, and much more.

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Level 3 - Experienced Staff/New In-Charge

In this level staff learn how to apply best practices for increasingly advanced audit topics. From broad concepts to application-based discussions, this level explores the content areas that distinguish a well-rounded audit professional.

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Level 4 - Experienced In-Charge/Senior

Designed specifically for senior auditors, Level 4 training provides information and best practices that focus on increasingly advanced audit topics. From broad concepts, such as risk assessment, to application-based discussions of topics, including revenue recognition estimates and fair value measurement, this program provides the comprehensive coverage needed for a well-rounded audit professional.

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Discounts & Group Training

PCPS Members Discount
Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) members save an additional 10% on Audit Staff Essentials. Simply log into this website with your AICPA member user account, and click here to obtain the discount code to enter during checkout. Should you have any questions or encounter any issues, please contact the AICPA Service Center at 888-777-7077 or service@aicpa.org.

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Group Training

Discounts are available when registering 5 or more individuals. Call 800.634.6780 (option 1) for more information or complete a brief online form.

NOTE: If you wish to enroll PCPS members in your group purchase, you must speak with a representative to ensure that section discounts are applied.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Audit Staff Essentials (ASE)?

ASE is a comprehensive audit training curriculum designed to take staff from new hire through experienced senior in four progressive levels. It includes training in both the underlying concepts and the hands-on application of the concepts necessary to be successful at each stage of professional development. It also includes training in the nontechnical business skills critical to today’s CPA, such as client interview and communication skills, critical thinking, engagement management, and more. This curriculum is available as either online self-study training or instructor-led training.

2. What are the different levels of Audit Staff Essentials?

  • Level 1 - New Staff: Core Concepts
  • Level 2 - New Staff: Practical Application
  • Level 3 - Experienced Staff / New In-Charge
  • Level 4 - Experienced In-Charge / Senior

3. What are the different formats of Audit Staff Essentials?

  • Online Self-Study
  • Virtual Instructor-Led
  • Audit boot camp

4. Is Audit Staff Essentials designed for individuals or firms?

Both. Individuals can enroll in the online self-study format to sharpen their skills or build new skills to help them to progress to the next level in their career. Firms can choose from any format for their staff training, or to supplement existing training programs within the firm.

5. Is it possible to buy the individual courses within a training level or do we have to buy the entire level?

You have the option to purchase either individual modules or a complete level, depending on your preference.

6. Is there any cost savings in purchasing the entire level over buying courses individually?

There is a cost-savings when buying the complete level, as opposed to buying all courses individually.

7. If I buy individual courses, can I still get the discount if I go back and buy the entire level?

Yes, as long as you haven’t already paid more than the full price. The price you paid for the courses or tracks you have already taken will be deducted from the total price.

8. How long do I have to complete the online program?

ASE online courses are available for one year from the date you purchase the course.

9. Do I have to follow the sequence of levels in order to complete the Audit Staff Essentials program?

Courses in each level are what is recommended by the AICPA; however, ASE was designed in a modular format to allow you to mix and match to meet the specific needs of individuals and firms.

10. What level of knowledge should I possess prior to starting each level?

While Levels 1 and 2 of the program are designed to provide a foundational level of learning, individuals will benefit from having a basic understanding and awareness of audit terminology and practices. Level 3 is recommended for audit staff with 2-3 years of experience; and Level 4 for 3-4 years of experience.

11. What is the minimum number of participants for the virtual instructor led training?

We require a minimum of 10 people to conduct a virtual instructor-led training.

12. Does our firm have to take everything in the same format?

ASE is able to be utilized as a single format or blended learning curriculum, depending on individual firm needs.

13. Who should I contact for group study, or if I have additional questions about the program?

You can contact a representative by completing a brief online form or calling 800.634.6780 (option 1) for information.